Upon The Hills

The first ever created. This were Boudewijn's journey began. He came home after his holiday in Sweden with his friends and was inspired by all the beauty the land had given. The main riff you hear in the intro, which continues through the verse and comes back in the outro, was already made in Sweden. Then he added more instruments giving more ambiance. He then only had to ask one or more friends to sing the song and most of it would be done, besides mixing and mastering, which he did himself too.

Jurian and his sister Selena Schippers did the singing, Boudewijn himself did the screams.

Night Terrors

The second song composed by Boudewijn. Telling the story of vampires, the lyrics go through how a victim gets bitten and later introduced in a guild of fellow vampires, telling her how to deal with her curse. It got two sides in the story, one from the perspective of the vampire and one of the victim. And you can hear how one tells how grateful he is and the other how devastated she is with it. The lyrics were sang by Judith Butselaar en Jurian Schippers.

Boudewijn learned with this song how other sounds can make a great impact in the song. In this one you hear crying and laughter in some parts. Which tell how the personages react with the events happening. Listen yourself.


Cast Outside

A friend of Boudewijn gave some lyrics to him, wanting to do a song with him to, after hearing his previous ones. Boudewijn didn't wait a second and took his guitar. After playing some chords and finding a nice melody on it, he recorded a first draft. Following a progression he always used he created more parts of the song. It didn't took long or it was already finished. He sended a mp3-file to his friend to let him hear it and he was very happy with it. So he, Shaun Smale came over and sang his parts in. Besides him Jurian Schippers did a part on it too.

The song tells the story of Loki, how he was found and welcomed in the family, but his roots followed him in life.


The latest song composed by Boudewijn Jansen, Rokhstavir. The song tells a story about three armies who are in an endless battle of power, who is going to hold the lands of Rokhstavir. Many can speculate were it's really about, a metaphor of current war, jealousy and so one. But in truth it is written after the experience of a LARP event in Holland in which Boudewijn participated. Rokhstavir is the title of the event too. He just used the happening during the event and created a song around it. Though he had to admit that the lyrics could be translated to many modern and historic events.

Singer in the song is Shaun Smale who was in Cast Outside too.

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