Passion for music

Boudewijn started pretty late making music. Though he had music lessons in flute and choir on a younger age, his love for music started around the age of 18. But when he did, he kept improving himself. Trying out scales and chord progressions, experimental melodies, combine various instruments and creating complicated bridges. He kept growing.

Love for music he always had. Coming mostly from his father, he was exposed to music of Led Zeppelin, Queen, Beatles, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Black Sabbath, Gruppo Sportivo and many, many more. Later on he took his own music style in the range of Linkin Park to Disturbed, Bullet For My Valentine to Lamb of God and Metallica to AC/DC. Boudewijn is a real music lover, but he never really got the current pop culture. That's why he took it on his own to create what he loved and share his idea of how music can be and should be.

Around 2016 he recorded in his own room, with the simple gear he had, his first three compositions, titled: Upon the Hills, Night Terrors and Cast Outside. There he founded his own style, which is in the range of progressive metal but not all that heavy, with mythical/epic lyrics, about vikings, nordic mythology and fables of vampires. Though he doesn't sing himself he asked close friends to do it for him, who didn't hesitate a second. And so were the three singles finished and released on SoundCloud.

Around march 2018, the singles were released on all streaming services. Links can be found on "music". Spotify can you find here to the right.

Now he is working to finish his EP "Symfonies of the Mythology". Like the social media pages to stay updated.