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Tuesday 10th of July Boudewijn Jansen was a guest on the radioshow "De Ochtendfinale" of OmroepN, listen here:

Rokhstavir Music Video now on YouTube

Unfortunately the song quality was badly damaged through downloading and uploading between production. For a better quality of the song visit the other streaming services like Spotify and such. The music video is purely for promotional uses and it's just fun! Thank you for understanding.

Symphony of the Mythology

The latest release. All the singles, listed below, are on this album with the instrumental versions included. Plus one new song: Rokhstavir, read all about that song here. Four songs and four instrumentals. Why the instrumentals? Some people may dislike the grunge and screams done by Boudewijn Jansen, though some people may still like the composition without the vocals.

The collections are all about mythical stories: Demons, giants, vampires, Nordic gods and fictional lands, thus the title Symphony of the Mythology. Click a link below matching your platform and check it out. Rokhstavir is not on YouTube yet, will come soon!

The Singles

All singles can be streamed on nearly any service: Spotify, Google Play, Deezer, Napster, YouTube and Apple iTunes.

Upon The Hills: The story of brave nordic warriors fighting against a horde from hell. Read more here

Night Terrors: A more metalish song about the fable of the vampire curse. Read more here

Cast Outside: Lyrics of Mikal the Ram, used in a orginal composition, telling the story of Loki. Read more here.

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